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Search & selection

Flowtec Engineering’s consultants pride themselves on their ability to do what advertising, databases and other agencies can’t. All our specialists in Flowtec have been industry trained and are experts in headhunting, they relish the challenge of sourcing and approaching every suitable candidate in the sector and will not fail to deliver a quality service.

A ‘no stone unturned’ philosophy combined with a dedicated Flowtec consultant’s approach, guarantees you will be introduced to the best possible talent available.

Throughout the process we will keep you updated on how the marketplace is responding, what feedback we have received and when we will likely have further candidates for your review. With this we will also be well situated to advise on ways that may increase the level of attraction of the opportunity if need be.




Over 80% of our work is repeat business for satisfied customers

Each customer of Flowtec will be assigned a consultant who will work exclusively for you and be a consistent point of contact to strengthen the working relationship. The consultant will work with you to devise a comprehensive recruitment strategy and advise on the most suitable method to secure the best candidates for your position.

Our expertise across various Engineering Sectors, our consultant’s extensive experience in specialist recruitment and our established network of relevant contacts mean that Flowtec are uniquely placed to succeed where other agencies would not.

We guarantee to produce results through our approach to every possible suitable candidate and deliver a quality service throughout.


Candidate Focussed

Flowtec has offices across Europe, with a strong presence internationally.

Our clients respect us and trust us to introduce mostly suitable candidates and this is not achievable unless we fully understand them, who they are and what they’re looking for.

Flowtec’s untarnished reputation is of the utmost importance to us all, it is built on our outstanding approach and knowledge of the industries we dedicate our careers to:

  • EICA
  • Water
  • Building Services
  • Flow Control

A flowtec consultant will:

1. Work with you to clearly define the vacancy and ensure the best possible technical understanding of your requirements.

2. Utilise our extensive network and resourcing capabilities to target the most suitable candidates available.

3. Conduct a comprehensive interview with all candidates, assessing their skillset against your requirement and obtaining all necessary information.

4. Submit a shortlist of the most suitable candidates, including a summary of how they meet your expectations.

5. Fully manage the hiring process from this point including arranging interviews & travel, overseeing the offer process and managing potential counter offer risks.

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